Succulents are among the most popular plants, and people have started to turn their tables into succulent gardens! These blooming tables look absolutely fabulous. 

Someone please officially declare succulents as the plants of the modern era! We all love them, to be honest, as they are easy to maintain, and look absolutely fabulous in our space-limited homes.

Nowadays, our practical lifestyles inspired a trend of simplicity, and these versatile plants, with their crazy shapes, colors, and varieties, look perfect in all modern interior design styles!

Yet, it turns out we have not used them in all ways possible yet! People have started to incorporate small, full-blown succulent gardens into their tables, and the idea is spectacular!

The unique piece of furniture is a green oasis and a regular place to put your mug at the same time!

Dustin Anthony, the founder of Blooming Tables, a San Diego company with a mission of bringing outdoors to the indoors, explains that these blooming tables are ideal for those who lack the space needed for traditional gardening.

The table serves as a pot, so, normally, the plant can sometimes grow too big and outgrow the container. In this case, it should be removed.

Plus, he advised placing a lamp over the table or adding incandescent light bulbs, as succulents need a good amount of sunlight.

He added that “plants tend to do better when you pull them from a similar environment that you are moving them to”, so succulents that have been kept in low light areas will do better indoors, for instance.


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